Am I too much of an Apple fangirl?

I don’t think so. Really. I think they’re just as morally questionable as any big tech company, and I think their prices are ridiculous. So why do I keep using them?

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Around the 32nd floor of the chase, I came across a bright empty lobby with a staircase opposing me. The stairs undulated left and right, creating a sine wave when viewed from the balcony above. I was about to continue my sprint up the stairs, but froze a few dots1 away from the first step. Running would be difficult. The steps would move my foot in one direction or the other, making my gait unnaturally wide or crossing my legs and making me step on my own foot, and then it was back to the starting line2.

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I listen to a lot of podcasts on my way to classes, some of the most frequent being political. I’ve heard from several 2020 candidates, the ones held up as being the most progressive to be electable under our banal electoral system, that the only thing that shouldn’t be covered by Medicare for All is “cosmetic stuff”, like getting a nose job. They usually pass this bit off as a joke, but it got me concerned.

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Isn’t RSS rather outdated?

I get it. RSS was made at a time when webpages took an eternity to load. When there were so many popup ads and kitschy animated GIFs and <blink> tags that it’d make your eyes vomit. Here’s a way to get only the text content you want off all your favorite weblogs, without unnecessary hypertext insanity, synced to your PC to read with no loading. And for a time, it was glorious.

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The current iPod touch lineup.

So why does Apple still make the iPod?

The row of products links at the top of Apple’s website has been a stable paradigm for as long as I have been alive. The products have shifted around over time, as the computing landscape has changed more in the last decade or so than probably any other time in history. But there’s still one product, once a best seller, now confusingly buried underneath the “Music” tab and rarely mentioned: the lone iPod touch. Continue reading →

Protests against Vietnam War, the last to use a draft.

Why it’s time to repeal Selective Service

Happy Halloween! Here’s a regularly scheduled article that’s not spooky or pumpkiny in any way. Well, it spooked me in high school at least. Today’s message from old me is about “the draft”, which, admittedly, I don’t think about as much anymore. Ideally it’d be fixed, but Congress is better at procrastination than even I am. As last time, I stand by my opinions, but don’t judge my current writing based on this.

Mandatory registration has no place in our future

Apologies in advance that I’m not very well researched on the details of this system and the laws around it. I’m just venting my opinion. Continue reading →

Misaka Mikoto from Index/Railgun series

The state of anime subscription services (in the US)

OK, I’m done. The 2-year Crunchyroll-Funi partnership experiment has ended, and guess what? It’s because Sony forced them out of it so they could expand Funimation internationally. So future Funi licenses (such as, I assume, the upcoming fourth season of My Hero Academia) won’t be on Crunchyroll, and vice versa. This’ll probably also impact simuldubs, since a lot of those were CR licenses. This sucks, man. Continue reading →