An essay in progress

My first college paper

This is the uncut version of the first project I did for ENG 101 in college. We had to create a “literacy narrative” which, as far as I could tell, is any story that involves reading, writing, or some definition of “literacy”. We read some (really boring, IMO) 20-page paper by Deborah Brandt about “literacy sponsorship” and had to integrate it into the title and story, which is where the last paragraph comes from. This is the kinda stuff that English majors get really into, but is dull and unimportant to me.

Anyway, I wrote it about my experience writing the email in which I came out to my parents as trans. I was a little nervous about sharing it, but it seems to have gone over well! (As has coming out publicly to extended family on FB, but that’s for another time.) I wanted to share this version because the final one I submitted was trimmed down, because the project only required 500 words (yeah, my professor is chill). So here it is (minus some personal info)! My next post will be the coming out message itself, so stay tuned!
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