Around the 32nd floor of the chase, I came across a bright empty lobby with a staircase opposing me. The stairs undulated left and right, creating a sine wave when viewed from the balcony above. I was about to continue my sprint up the stairs, but froze a few dots1 away from the first step. Running would be difficult. The steps would move my foot in one direction or the other, making my gait unnaturally wide or crossing my legs and making me step on my own foot, and then it was back to the starting line2.

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I listen to a lot of podcasts on my way to classes, some of the most frequent being political. I’ve heard from several 2020 candidates, the ones held up as being the most progressive to be electable under our banal electoral system, that the only thing that shouldn’t be covered by Medicare for All is “cosmetic stuff”, like getting a nose job. They usually pass this bit off as a joke, but it got me concerned.

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