I listen to a lot of podcasts on my way to classes, some of the most frequent being political. I’ve heard from several 2020 candidates, the ones held up as being the most progressive to be electable under our banal electoral system, that the only thing that shouldn’t be covered by Medicare for All is “cosmetic stuff”, like getting a nose job. They usually pass this bit off as a joke, but it got me concerned.

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Protests against Vietnam War, the last to use a draft.

Why it’s time to repeal Selective Service

Happy Halloween! Here’s a regularly scheduled article that’s not spooky or pumpkiny in any way. Well, it spooked me in high school at least. Today’s message from old me is about “the draft”, which, admittedly, I don’t think about as much anymore. Ideally it’d be fixed, but Congress is better at procrastination than even I am. As last time, I stand by my opinions, but don’t judge my current writing based on this.

Mandatory registration has no place in our future

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A pride parade with large trans flag

The Trump admin’s new gender policy is unashamedly evil

[Content warning: transphobia, medical]

I’m fucking done. Most people that read my stuff are probably already terrified by this, but in case you really haven’t heard by the time this goes up, here it is. Trump’s HHS will be proposing a memo that defines “sex” for the purposes of Title IX as based solely on genitals at birth. What. The. Fuck. Continue reading →